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7. Jungsalli(Kalbawi Rock) Course The Shortest Distance to Cheonwangbong Peak
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 10.8km
  • Estimated time : 8 hrs
  • Difficulty : Normal
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About 1.2km above the Jungsalli Hiking Information Center, you’ll see two blade-like rocks. They’re called Kalbawi in Korean. About 150 to 200 meters above Kalbawi Rocks, you’ll come across a trail intersection. The trail to the left passes through Beopcheon Valley before reaching Jangteomok, so it’s called the ‘Jungsalli-Jangteomok' Course. The trail to the right passes through the Rotary Shelter before reaching Cheonwangbong Peak. This one is called the 'Jungsalli-Kalbawi' Course.

Take the trail to the right and climb for about 1 hour 10 minutes, and you’ll see the Rotary Shelter. The Rotary Shelter was established in 1978, with the funds raised by the members of the International Rotary Club. It was run by a private individual until 2001, before being donated to the Ministry of Environment. Today, it’s managed by the Jirisan National Park Office.

Just above the Rotary Shelter is Beopgyesa Temple. Situated 1,450m above sea level, it’s the highest-altitude Buddhist temple in Korea. The trail past the temple is steep. Still, it commands a great view of the mountainsides to the south and west. By the time you reach and pass by the Gaeseonmun Gate, which is also called Gaecheonmun Gate, you should be covered in sweat. So take a sip of the water from Cheonwangsaem Spring before you head for the top of Cheonwangbong Peak. It takes approximately 2 hours from the Rotary Shelter to the top of the peak.

To descend from the mountain peak, just walk back down the same trail you have taken to get there. In other words, the descent from Cheonwangbong Peak is through Gaeseonmun Gate, Beopgyesa Temple, Rotary Shelter, Mangbawi Rock, Kalbawi Rock, and Jungsalli Hiking Information Center. It should take about 3 to 3 hour 20 minutes to reach the bottom of the mountain.


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