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8. Jungsalli(Jangteomok) Course The Sunrise of Cheonwangbong Peak
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 11.5km
  • Estimated time : 7 hrs 37 mins
  • Difficulty : Normal
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About 1.2km above the Jungsalli Hiking Information Center, you'll see two blade-shaped rocks called Kalbawi in Korean. And 150 to 200 meters further from Kalbawi Rocks, you’ll come across a trail intersection. The trail to the left will pass through the Beopcheon Falls and Yuam Falls before reaching Jangteomok, and the one to the right will pass through the Rotary Shelter before reaching Cheonwangbong Peak.

The Jungsalli (Jangteomok) Course is the one on the left. This course of the trail will take you to the Beopcheon Falls. Walk along the valley, and you’ll see the Yuam Falls which is about 10 meters high. Go a little further from the Yuam Falls, and the path will become steeper before reaching Sanhuisaem Spring and then the Jangteomok Shelter.

The distance between the Jungsalli Hiking Information Center and Jangteomok Shelter is about 5.3km, or about a 4 hours’hike at a normal pace. From the Jangteomok Shelter, you’ll be passing through Jeseokbong Peak and Tongcheonmun Gate before reaching Cheonwangbong Peak. This section is 1.7km long, and it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the top. The descent from Cheonwangbong Peak is through Gaeseonmun Gate, Beopgyesa Temple, Rotary Shelter, Mangbawi Rock, Kalbawi Rock, and Jungsalli Hiking Information Center. The total distance is about 5.4km, and the hike down the mountain takes a little over 3 hours 20 minutes.


- Jungsalli Hiking Information Center
San 113-2, Jungsan-ri, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

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- Jirisan National Park Office : +82-55-972-7771
- Rotary Shelter : +82-10-2851-1401
- Jangteomok Shelter : +82-10-2883-1750
- Sancheong-gun Office : +82-55-970-6921

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