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9. Buril Falls Course Cold Waterfalls
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 2.4km
  • Estimated time : 1 hrs 30 mins
  • Difficulty : Easy
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The distance between the Ssanggyesa Hiking Information Center is 2.4km, or about 1 hour 30 minutes of hiking. So the round trip between the two places takes only about 3 hours, even if you take a break at the waterfalls.

If you start from Ssanggyesa Temple and pass through the Guksaam Intersection, you’ll see a crag. It’s called Hwanhakdae, where an ancient scholar named Choe Chi-won (pen-name: Goun) used to spend time with cranes. Pass through the forest, and you’ll see the Buril Service Area on a flat piece of land called ‘Buril Pyeongjeon’. Climb down the steep hill about 200m from the service area, and you’ll see the Buril Falls with streams of water flowing down the cliff.

The waterfalls are 60m high and 3m wide with two tiers. It’s one of the ‘Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan Mountain'. It’s the largest waterfalls in Jirisan Mountain, and the water foam streaming down the falls is the ‘Seventh Scenic Views of Jirisan Mountain’. It’s called ‘Buril Hyeonpok’ in Korean. The spray of water is what made the waterfalls one of the Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan Mountain. The water is so cold that it feels chilly even on a hot summer day.

At the starting point of the trail is a Buddhist temple called Ssanggyesa. It was built in 840 during the Silla Dynasty (2nd Year of King Munseong’s reign) by a Buddhist priest named Jingam (774~850). When it was first built, it was originally called Okcheonsa Temple. One of the temple buildings house the Monument for Buddhist Priest Jingam (National Treasure No. 47) composed and engraved by Choe Chi-won. It's of the famous Sasan-Bimyeong epitaphs composed and engraved by Choe Chi-won. This is almost unanimously regarded as the finest among the few monuments inscribed with a poem in Korea. It’s the only epitaph engraved by Choe Chi-won.


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