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11. Piagol Course The Main Valley of Jirisan Mountain
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 8.2km
  • Estimated time : 4 hrs 44 mins
  • Difficulty : Normal
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They say there are three things that are red in Piagol: The leaves, ponds, and the people. The Piagol Course starts from the Yeongok Hiking Information Center and passes through Jikjeon Village, Pyogomakteo, Samhongso, and Piagol Shelter before reaching the Piagol Samgeori. The total distance is about 8.8km, which takes about 5 hours of hiking. The course is for intermediate-level hikers. You can lodge in the mountain depending on your next course.

The trail section between Yeongok Hiking Information Center and Jikjeon Village is accessible by car or bus. The distance between the two places is 2.8km, and it takes about one hour on foot. Most hikers take a car to the parking lot of Jikjeon Village before hiking this trail section. If you walk to the village, you’ll be hiking a total of 6 hours.

The mountain trail starts from Jikjeon Village and passes through Pyogyomakteo, and Samhongso before reaching Piagol Shelter. The distance is about 4km, and it takes about 2 hours to complete the trail. There are various ponds and springs such as Yeonjudam and Samhongso, and they’re particularly beautiful when the leaves are red. Piagol is popular for autumn leaves, so many hikers come to this place in the autumn to see the red leaves and walk the gentle slope.

The distance between the Piagol Shelter and Piagol Samgeori is about 2km, and it takes about 2 hours of hiking. It’s only a short distance, but the terrain is steep and that’s why it takes that much time to reach the end of the section. There are wooden or steel steps in some rough areas. The trail leads all the way up to the main ridge of Jirisan Mountain. The Piagol Shelter located in the middle of Piagol Village is there for hikers to take a break or lodge. Lodge and food are available there. You can also cook around the mountain villa. There is also a mountain spring nearby.


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