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13. Manbokdae Course Beautiful Autumn Pampas Grass
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 5km
  • Estimated time : 2 hrs 40 mins
  • Difficulty : Easy
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Manbokdae is perhaps the most beautiful in the autumn because it's when the gently curved mountain ridge is covered with pampas grass. There is nothing to block the view on the Manbokdae Terrace, so it's a perfect place to see Cheonwangbong Peak and the Jirisan Mountain Range. To some, it's a view from another world. The pampas grass on Manbokdae Terrace start growing in early October and is in full bloom in early November.

The top of Manbokdae Terrace commands a panoramic view of the mountain. You'll see Simwon Dalgung Village known as the 'First Village Under the Sky' to the east, as well as Sangwi Village where lots of cornelian cherry trees grow in every spring to the west. To the north, you'll see Baraebong Peak where royal azalea blossoms are beautiful in late spring.

Seongsamjae located south of the Manbokdae Terrace was named after the fortress defended by three generals who were half brothers. Jeongnyeongchi to the north of this place was named after a general named Jeong who was ordered by the King of Mahan in 84 BC to protect this region from the invading Jinhan and Byeonhan.

The Manbokdae Course (1,438m) starts from the Entrance to Seongsamjae Hiking Trail and passes through Dangchi Pass, and Myobongchi before reaching the top of the Manbokdae Terrace, and it takes about 3 hours of hiking to reach the final destination. The way down the mountain to Jeongnyeongchi is about 2km, or 1 hour walk. So in total, it takes about 4 hours to complete this trail course, which starts from Seongsamjae and passes through Goribong Peak, Myobongchi, and Manbokdae Terrace, and then descends to Jeongnyeongchi. It takes about the same time even if you start hiking from Jeongnyeongchi and go down to Seongsamjae. The hike - whether you start from Seongsamjae or Jeongnyeongchi - is not that strenuous.

The east side of the mountain in Simwon Valley is gently sloped all the way to the ridge around Manbokdae Terrace, and the west side of the mountain where Sandong Village is relatively steep. Most of this trail section is gently sloped, making it an intermediate hiking trip.


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