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14. Jeongnyeongchi-Baraebong Course A Course Famous for May Royal Azaleas
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 12.6km
  • Estimated time : 5 hrs 21 mins
  • Difficulty : Normal
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The Jeongnyeongchi Pass (1,172m) and Baraebong Peak (1,165m) are located in the middle of the northwest part of the Jirisan Mountain Ridge. The Jeongnyeongchi Pass connects Juncheon and Unbong in Namwon with Simwon and Dalgung Valleys in Jirisan Mountain. It used to be difficult reaching the pass until a highway was extended in 1985. The Jeongnyeongchi-Baraebong Course refers to a hiking trail between the Jeongnyeongchi Pass and Baraebong Peak situated in the middle of the northwest part of the Jirisan Mountain Ridge. The distance between the two places is about 12.8km, or about a 6 hour 10 minute walk. The course is for intermediate hikers.

Drinking water is available at the Jeongnyeongchi Service Area on the top of the Jeongnyeongchi Pass From that point, walk about 700m on the ridge path and then turn right to a bypath to see the Carved Buddha Images on the Cliff at the Gaeryeongam Hermitage Site. After seeing the Buddha images, come back to the ridge path and walk for about 30 more minute to reach Goribong Peak. The peak is named "gori", meaning "loop" in Korean, because of its shape. This is where the trail branches off from the Baekdudaegan, as it meanders along another ridge called 'Marugeum'. Marugeum is one of the ridges that branches off from Baekdudaegan, and it passes through Deogyusan Mountain, Bonghwasan Mountain, Yeowonjae, Sujeongbong Peak, Goribong Peak, Jeongnyeongchi Pass, Nogodan Peak, and Cheonwangbong Peak.

Walk straight ahead from Goribong Peak for about 1 hour, and you'll reach Segeolsan Mountain (1,220m), where pampas grass is beautiful in the autumn. The top of the mountain commands a panoramic view of many peaks along the main ridge of Jirisan Mountain, starting from Cheonwangbong Peak. The Buunchi Pass, Pallangchi Pass, and Baraebong Peak have beautiful royal azalea blossoms in May.

Stroll along the ridge path for about 30 minutes while enjoying the view of the royal azalea blossoms on either side, and you'll reach the Pallangchi Pass. To the right, you'll see a path which leads to Pallang Village. Stroll along the ridge path for another 30 minutes, and you'll reach the Baraebong Samgeori just before Baraebong Peak. The path to the left leads to Unbong (Yongsan-ri), and the path ahead will take you to the top of Baraebong Peak. The top of Bareabong Peak is about 600m, or 20 to 30 minutes away from the intersection. Enjoy the view around Baraebong Peak and then come back to Baraebong Samgeori to come down the mountain to Unbong (Yongsan-ri). The descent from the intersection to Unbong (Yongsan-ri) takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes (3.4km distance). There is another path (3.8km, 1 hour 30 minutes) down to Wolpyeong Village, Irwon-myeon from the top of Baraebong Peak.


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