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16. Guryong Valley Course The Course to See Guryong Valley and Falls
  • 트위터
  • 페이스북
  • Distance : 3.7km
  • Estimated time : 1 hrs 14 mins
  • Difficulty : Easy
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The Guryong Valley Course starts from Guryong Hiking Information Center and passes through Hakseoam, Yuseondae, and Bipokdong before reaching Guryong Falls. The total distance is 3.1km, and it takes about 2 hours to complete the trail. The round trip will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes. The Guryong Valley Course offers many beautiful sights along with Guryong Gugok, and yet it's relatively an easy trail since there are decks and bridges where the terrain is rough.

Guryong Valley is a picturesque place situated in the middle of the Woncheoncheon Stream, which originates from Manbokdae (1,438m) in the western part of Jirisan Mountain and flows to Jucheon-myeon in the City of Namwon.

The cliff of the valley is steep near Manbokdae, but the slope gradually decrease in between Jucheon-myeon and Deokchi-ri in Namwon as it forms the backdrop of Unbong. But the slope suddenly increases at Guryong Falls. Guryong Valley refers to the area covering this place and all the way down to Songnyeokdong Falls right below the Jirisan National Park Guryong Hiking Information Center in Hogyeong-ri, Jucheon-myeon. A legend has it that nine dragons would descend from Heaven to the nine falls in this area on April 8th of the lunar calendar to hang around for a while before ascending to Heaven again. The falls are filled with tourists in the summer.

The nine most beautiful views in Guryong Valley are called Guryong Gugok, or "the nine ravines of Guryong" in Korean, and it looks like the entire valley is connected with a cliff. Inside the valley, there are many beautiful waterfalls, ponds, and springs. Even the village was named Hogyeong-ri because of the beautiful scenery of Guryong Valley.

The nine ravines are: 1) Songnyeokdong Falls, 2) Ogyongchu, 3) Hakseoam, 4) Seoam, 5) Yuseondae, 6) Jijudae, 7) Bipokdong, 8) Gyeongcheonbyeok, and 9) Gyoryongdam.


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