Jirisan Unbong Baraebong Royal Azalea Festival
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  • Address: 174-15, Yongsan-ri, Unbong-eup, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Tel: +82-63-634-0024
  • Opening Day: 2017-04-22
  • Closing Day: 2017-05-21
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From the end of April to mid May every year, royal azaleas growing under Baraebong Peak create a beautiful scene. The flowers are in full bloom throughout the month of May, so the City of Namwon host the Jirisan Unbong Baraebong Royal Azalea Festival at the height of the bloom, since it’s where the peak is located. The festival includes a number of events such as Royal Azalea Ritual, Ceremonies, Royal Azalea Hiking Competition, Drawing, and Singing Contest.
Additional Information
Venue Baraebong Peak of Jirisan Mountain and Herb Valley area
Supervision Namwon
Host Namwon

1330 call center