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Hot and spicy soup made with crabs from the bed of Seomjingang River.

Chinese mitten crab soup is rich in chitosan and essential amino acids that are extremely effective in detoxifying one’s liver. It is also good for both young, developing children and the elderly. To make the soup, add fermented soybean paste and red pepper paste to water, then fresh Chinese mitten crab soup, green pumpkin, dried radish greens, diagonally sliced green onions, perilla powder and soy sauce. After boiling, add minced green chili, red peppers, garlic, Chinese pepper powder and so forth for seasoning. The spicy taste of this Chinese mitten crab soup is superb. If you like seafood soup you’ll love this Chinese mitten crab soup.

In Gokseong-eup, if you take National Road No. 17 and run along the riverside of the Seomjingang River, you’ll pass by the Seomjingang Riverside Recreation Area before arriving at the Amnok Recreation Area. This place, where the Boseonggang River and the Seomjingang River split to form a large sandy beach, has some especially notable characteristics. To start, the area is over 65,000 m². When camping here in the summer, it is absolutely the best experience. This is also the best place for trying Gokseong Chinese mitten crab soup. If you walk alongside the Amnok Recreation Area there are restaurants lining the road that sell both Chinese mitten crab soup and grilled sweetfish. While leisurely observing the Daehwanggang River, eating Chinese mitten crab soup only adds to the quaint beauty of the scene.

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