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Soup made of loaches from the clean waters of Namwon!

Chueotang is a soup made with freshwater loaches. This soup is rich in protein, calcium and various minerals, and also helps restore the energy one loses from the summer heat and is traditionally eaten at the beginning of fall, when the cold winds start to blow.

Namwon has many tributaries of the Seomjingang River. Numerous as they seem, it seems that loaches can only live in these waters. Also, at the nearby Jirisan Mountain, many of the ingredients that are used for cooking loach soup grow. These two aspects of the local environment are why loach soup is considered Namwon’s local dish.

Namwon’s loach soup is well-known for the way it is prepared. When someone travels to Namwon, loach soup is a regional dish that is inextricably linked to the area. Eating fried loach at the same time as the soup enhances the foodie experience.

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