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High-grade Korean beef approved by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.

Jangsu Hanu’s selling point is the special way in which the cattle are fed and raised. First, farmers are carefully chosen to participate in the Jangsu Hanu brand, and it’s a mark of pride for those chosen to say that they produce this particular brand of Korean beef. Also, they buy only excellent pedigree cattle, so not only is the quality of the beef very high, but they apply a program for feeding and managing them recommended by a consulting group so that they are raised in an optimum breeding environment. Through these efforts, Jangsu Hanu is on its way to becoming the best brand of Korean beef.

On average, Jangsu Hanu cattle are sold after having been raised for around 23-25 months. Due to this, there is no undesirable aroma to the meat, and the consumer can appreciate only the delicate taste and delicious aroma. Also, the beef is reared without using any antibiotics, antimicrobials, hormones, pesticides, or other such common chemicals.

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