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Organic Korean beef with herbs and mushrooms in the mountain village of Sancheong!

The Sancheong Medicinal Herb Festival is held every year in order to promote medicinal herbs of Sancheong. This festival is widely advertised as the birthplace of traditional medicine, with medicinal herbs used in the foods you can eat, products you can buy, and the spectacles you can see. One can also try food related to traditional medicine as part of a regional comprehensive medicinal herb festival. In addition, Sancheong-gun hosts the “World Traditional Medicine Expo in Sancheong, Korea 2013”.

While Sancheong is regionally famous for its medicine herbs, there’s also the local cuisine to sample, such as mushroom and medicinal herb hot pot. At the foot of Jirisan, there are mushrooms and other medicinal herbs to collect, and the hanu raised in the area perfectly complements the Sancheong mushroom and medicinal herb hot pot, making a cuisine unique to the area that fits well with the era of “well-being” food.