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Natural marsh snails from the mouth of Seomjingang River.

Marsh snail soup is a unique Korean delicacy. The light, bland taste of this soup comes from fresh marsh snails rich in amino acids and other nutrients that are known to detoxify the liver and reduce swelling and inflammation. For this reason, the soup is one of the most popular hangover cures in Korea, and it’s particularly good in this region. Aside from being healthy, the soup is also tasty and hard to come by. This makes it a must-try food in Gurye. You may also want to try other dishes made with the same marsh snails harvested from Seomjingang River while you're there.

Some of the dishes made with marsh snails are marsh snail hangover stew, hand-pulled dough pasta soup with marsh snail, marsh snail soup, seasoned marsh snail and so forth. In particular, hand-pulled dough pasta soup, with its refreshing soup broth, in addition to its chewy taste, is so good that once someone tries it, it is a popular food that many people try to find again.