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1. Jucheon - Unbong Travel across Time on an Ancient Trail
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  • Distance: 14.3km
  • Estimated time: 5 hrs 36 mins
  • Difficulty: Normal
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Jirisan Dulle-gil across a 14km stretch between Oepeong Village and Seocheon-ri in Namwon City of Jeollabuk-do.
This trail section, composed of the Old Road and Embankment Road, commands a panoramic view of the northwestern ridge of Jirisan Mountain, and passes through the wide plains of Unbong Highland 500 meters above sea level and six mountain villages.

The section between Jucheon and Unbong includes an ancient road that runs between the old Unbong-hyeon and Namwon-bu. So in this section, some will have the sensation of traveling across time while treading the same path traveled by people hundreds of years ago.

The road between Hoedeok and Namwon was used to get to the Namwon Market, while the road between Nochi and Unbong was used to get to the Unbong Market. The 10km stretch of the ancient road includes the Hoedeok-Naesong Section (4.2km) running between Guryongchi and Soljeongji. This section is wide, well-paved, and gently sloped, making a perfect section for families with children to see the pine groves nearby.

This section of the trail starts from Jucheon-myeon and passes through the 600-year-old Naesong Village, Soljeongja Pavilion surrounded by tall pine trees, ‘Samurak Damurak’ with heaps of stones, Deoksan Reservoir, and Hornbeam Forest, which was the first to be designated as the ‘Most Beautiful Grove’ in Korea. So this part of the mountain with wide plains, groves, and a reservoir offers the diversity of nature and roads with different themes.


- Jucheon-myeon
260-1, Jangan-ri, Jucheon-myeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
- Unbong-eup
347-5, Seocheon-ri, Unbong-eup, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do

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