Sinaetga Hanok
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  • Address: 246, Oegok-ri, Toji-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-782-6349
  • Type: Hanok
  • No.of Guestrooms: 6
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If you are worried about your skin due to travel fatigue, you should stay at Sinaetga Hanok and bathe in the underground sulfur springs.

From Seomjingang River, if you go towards Yeongoksa Temple, the lodging is located in a village in the middle of Waegok-ri. All the 6 rooms are in the style of a hanok lodging. There are four rooms for 4-6 people, and two rooms for 10-12 people, all made of red clay. Every room has a kitchen and a bathroom, and there’s also a small pool outside. This hanok has many lovely features, but the sulfur springs are certainly a facility to be proud of. Bathing in the spring water will soften any rough skin.

From Sinaetga Hanok, Tojiuri Restaurant in Gusan-ri is only 10 minutes away by car. People say that the restaurant's clear shellfish soup is refreshing even when served boiling hot!
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