Hapgang Tour Hotel (Gokseong Ecological Experience Hall)
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  • Address: 496, Hapgang-ri, Okgwa-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-362-9810
  • Type: Resort
  • No.of Guestrooms: 10
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Hapgang Tour Hotel is a lodge where you can stay and experience the natural ecology of the region.

Hapgang Tour Hotel is located in Hapgang-ri, Okgwa-myeon, within the Ecology Education Park. The park utilizes a closed down branch school for its ecology experience hall. There is a wildflower exhibition hall, an insectarium, a natural dye hall, along with other facilities. In the Ecology Education Park, the Hapgang Tour Hotel operates tours for both ecological and traditional experiences, and was built by Gokseong-gun who permits night-time tours. The red clay room resembles an average cottage-style motel. The recently-constructed building is neat and tidy. Under the supervision of Ministry of Public Administration and Security, it won a 1st prize for being a “Better Living Zone Village”, and always looks charming. In the summer, there is a small pool available to guests, and the Cheonggyedong Valley is only 10 minutes away by car.
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