[Hadong]Ssanggyesa Temple..

  • Located on the southern part of Jirisan Mountain, Ssanggyesa and Hwaeomsa Temples are among the most popular temples in the Jirisan area. Ssanggyesa was constructed by Sambeop, who was a disciple of Uisang, in 723 (the 23rd year of the reign of King Seongdeok during the Silla Dynasty). At first, it was called Okcheonsa, then the Buddhist monk Jingam changed its name to Ssanggyesa after having planted green tea around the temple.자세히보기
  • Stone Gate 듣기
  • One Pillar Gate 듣기
  • Cheonwangmun and Geumgangmun Gates 듣기
  • Paryeongnu Pavilion 듣기
  • Memorial Stele for Master Jingam 듣기
  • Daeungjeon Hall 듣기
  • Main Hall 듣기
  • Palsangjeon Hall and Okcheon Stream 듣기