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Here we will introduce the tourist attractions of Jirisan’s natural landscape and the seven nearby towns (Namwon, Jangsu, Gokseong, Gurye, Hadong, Sancheong, Hamyang). As Jirisan is Korea’s first national park, it is a mountain which still possesses the mystery of its natural form. Also, in Korea, it has numerous natural attractions in the landscape, and takes pride in having the widest range of them. Starting from the highest peak named Cheonwangbong, and moving along many peaks including Nogodan, Chilseonbong, Deokpyeongbong, Myeongseonbong, Tokkibong, Banyabong, and Baraebong, there are plenty of sights to see, from waterfalls, valleys and so forth. Here, you can see the natural landscape in the seven nearby towns beyond Jirisan Mountain.

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