Gurye Sansuyu
- An effective medicinal herb for preventing adult diseases!
Gurye makes up about 75% of the national yield for sansuyu, or cornelian cherries, and about 84% of the actual area for cultivation is concentrated in Gurye-gun. Just looking at the numbers alone, you can tell the importance of Gurye's sansuyu. That Gurye's specialty is its cornelian cherries is then, perhaps quite obvious. The fruit of sansuyu plant is harvested in after the middle ten days of October, and after separating the seed from the fruit, the fruit itself is used. Sansuyu can help strengthen a weak kidney's functions, restore one's stamina, restore energy in general, and can strengthen the immune defense to diseases. In Gurye, the fruit is used to make tea, wine, pills, extract, and powder. These various sansuyu products can be purchased at Gurye Special Products Market and other stores nearby
Name Location Tel
Gurye Special Products Market 282-1, Naengcheon-myeon, Masan-myeon, Gurye-eup, Gurye-gun +82-61-781-9200
Nonghyup Sandong Branch 250-5, Wonchon-ri, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun +82-61-781-1692
Jisan Foods 709-1, Tapjeong-ri, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun +82-61-781-8787
Hadong Green Tea
- Handmade tea with 1,200 years of tradition!
Hadong was the area where green tea was planted for the first time in the Korean Peninsula. It has an optimal climate for cultivating wild green tea, and the cultivation of green tea in Hadong accounts for about 23% of national production. In addition, in March 2006, the Ministry of Finance and Economy designated the area as the Hadong Wild Green Tea Special Industry Zone. After this designation, through continued manual production of wild green tea, Hadong-gun built up the noted image of Hadong green tea. Hadong green tea uses long-practiced techniques for roasting the tea. When heating the tea leaves, there is no water involved, instead the technique for preparing them involves frying the leaves without burning them. When using this technique, the green tea's bitter taste is eliminated, leaving a smooth, clean taste.
Name Location Tel
Nonghyup Hwagae Branch 622-3, Tap-ri, Hwagae-myeon +82-55-883-8341
Jirisan Cha Cheonji 250, Jeongseo-ri, Agyang-myeon +82-55-883-9665
Yangboseonda Nokchawon 729-5, Tongjeong-ri, Yangbo-myeon +82-55-882-2892
Sancheong Dried Persimmons
- The best dried persimmons fit for the kings!
Dried persimmons retain a bitter flavor. After completely peeling persimmons, they are tied together by cord and then rolled up to dry. In the old days, the peeling was done by hand, but now it is done through a machine. However, thanks to the appearance of mechanization, the process has become easier, but it still requires much time and effort. The peeled persimmons must be tied together to dry, and during that time, between 30 to 70 days, they need to be gone over by hand at least twenty times. Sancheong dried persimmons were offered to the king during the Joseon Period, and now they are delivered to Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential residence of Korea. In addition, since they were sent as a present to Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, they have become quite famous, emerging as a very popular product, and in recent days they were registered nationally to indicate its place of origin.
Name Location Tel
Sancheong Nonghyup Deoksan Branch 748-11, Sa-ri, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun +82-55-972-5601
Jirisan Sancheong Dried Persimmon Cooperative Unit 440 Cheonpyeong-ri, Sicheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun +82-10-5214-7498
Daepo Village 320 Daepo-ri, Samjang-myeon, Sancheong-gun +82-55-972-1022
Sancheong Special Products Market Sawol-ri, Danseong-myeon, Sancheong-gun +82-10-2708-1565
Hamyang Wild Ginseng
- Exceptional wild ginseng grown in germanium-rich soil!
Hamyang wild ginseng is famous for its high quality as a medicine. Hamyang's soil contains germanium,so wild ginseng growing in the soil is said to be good for recovering energy, dealing with diabetes, preventing cancer, anti-aging, revitalizing one's sexual ability, and controlling high blood pressure. Also, at altitudes above 500m, wild ginseng produced in a leaf mold, enforces its historical claim to wood cultivated ginseng. Moreover, it provides high quality wild ginseng. Due to this, it is sought out both domestically and internationally. In addition, every year in Hamyang-gun there is an event centering on wild ginseng, the country's only health and well-being experience festival, hosted as a wild ginseng festival. Every July at the festival, there are all sorts of experiences and exhibits, performances, contests, and of course, cheap, high quality wild ginseng to buy, along with the sale of special agricultural products.
Name Location Tel
Anui Yongchu Cooperative Unit 9 Sang-won-ri, Anui-myeon, Hamyang-gun Mt. +82-55-964-0333
Yuno Deer Farm 137-5 Guyang-ri, Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun +82-55-963-9123
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