House of Yun Yeong-chae
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  • Address: 661, Sangdong-ri, Jusaeng-myeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Tel: +82-63-620-6178
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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This government building was constructed in Ieonbang, which was considered to be the most propitious locations among the 48 administrative units in the Namwon area. Among the buildings in the precincts, Dongdae is known as the House of Yun Yeong-chae, named after its former owner.
It was built in 1511 and was also used as the vacation home for the governor of Namwon. Dongdae in particular was used as the office of this government building and is rectangular in shape. The east, west, south and north sides measures 2, 6, 4, and 5 kan (the unit of distance between two columns), respectively. The front of the building has a wooden floor main hall measuring 3 kan, being especially wide. Overall, the building has great natural ventilation and was constructed using scientific principles. It is considered to be an important reference for the study of government buildings constructed during the mid-Joseon Period. Although the overall condition of the building is fair, it went through many changes as it was privatized and an underfloor heating system was installed. Dongdae building has been designated as the Jeollabuk-do Cultural Heritage No. 117.
In the surrounding area, there is also: Gyoryongsanseong Fortress, the Cemetery of Righteous Fighters, Chunhyang Theme Park, and Gwanghalluwon Garden.

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