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At the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, Japanese raiders frequently invaded the border area and looted. When the Japanese raiders focused their attention on Jirisan Mountain, the government sent Yi Seong-gye, the overseer of three provinces, to suppress the invasions. In 1380 (the 6th year of King U) Yi was successful in completely suppressing the Japanese who frequently raided and looted Korea in the battle of Hwangsan.

In order to commemorate the victory of the Battle of Hwangsan led by Yi Seong-gye, who later founded the Joseon Dynasty, in 1577 (the 10th year of the reign of King Seonjo during the Joseon Dynasty) it was decided that a monument was necessary to commemorate the place where victory was claimed, as it was in danger of being forgotten. Park Gwang-ok, the Magistrate of Unbong, was mandated to erect the Monument for Hwangsan Battle. During Japanese colonial rule of Korea, in order to demoralize the Korean people, the Japanese Governor-General sent a secret message on January 17, 1945 to the police commissioner in the province. The secret message was an order to destroy any historical documents and artifacts that commemorated or were evidence of the Japanese invasion of Korea or battles in the past. The Monument for Hwangsan Battle, more than 400 years old, was bombed and destroyed.

Then in 1957, the destroyed turtle-shaped base of the stone monument was put together to somewhat regain its original appearance, but the monument itself could not be restored. Instead, black marble in the exact shape of the original monument was mounted on the base. The salvageable fragments of the original monument were gathered up and they are stored in a building called Pabigak.
Once the monument was re-erected, a handful of government officials, along with their families, were sent to maintain the monument, giving rise to a new village.

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