Nogodan Peak
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  • Address: Nogodan Peak, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-780-7700
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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Along with Cheonwangbong Peak (1,915m) and Banyabong Peak (1,732m), Nogodan (1,507m) is one of the three main peaks of the Jirisan Mountain Range on the western part of the mountain. It’s a popular scenic spot, most well-known for the sea of clouds and wild flowers around the area. The peak is on a level terrain, but lush with vegetation. The flat land is covered with silver grass and orange daylilies, which are quite a sight to behold particularly in July and August when they're in full bloom. The waist and top of the mountain are lush with royal azaleas and other species of shrubs.

The sea of clouds seen from the top of Nogodan is one of the Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan Mountain. The fog arising from the southwestern edge of Seomjingang River covers the plain and valley like a wave of the ocean, before going down around the saddle of the mountain. Many visitors to this place regard this natural phenomenon a scenic wonder of the nature.

The name Nogodan derives from the word ‘Halmidang’, or Grandma Shrine. In Taoism, the 'Grandma' refers to the national goddess called 'Seosul Seongmo’ or ‘Seondo Seongmo’. In short, Nogodan is an honorific term meaning ‘the altar for the Old Woman’, and it’s actually where a ritual was held in front of an altar. The altar is still there at the top of Nogodan, in the form of a large stone pagoda.

In the early 20th century, foreign missionaries built a recreational facility to spend the summer because the air is cool around this area. The facility was more like a large cottage with a generator, theater, and pool, but it turned to ruins in 1948 during the Yeosun Rebellion in 1948. Right below Nogodan Peak is the Nogodan Shelter, for hikers crossing the Jirisan Mountain Range lodge and rest.

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