Chilseon Valley
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  • Address: Chilseon Falls, Chuseong-ri, Macheon-myeong, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Tel: +82-55-962-5354
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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Chilseon Valley starts from the northwest side of Cheonwangbong (1,915m), the highest peak of Jirisan Mountain, and stretches to Imcheon, Hamyang. Stretching a total of 18km, it’s the longest valley in the mountain, comprising of a number of waterfalls and ponds such as the Seonnyeotang, Biseondam, Chilseon Falls, Daeryuk Falls, and Ma Falls. Thanks to the scenery of the valley, it’s regarded as one of the three most beautiful valleys in Korea, along with Cheonbuldong Valley of Seoraksan Mountain and Tamna Valley of Hallasan Mountain.

If you go past Chuseong-ri and cross a bridge, you’ll come to a forked road right before the confluence of two streams flowing down Gukgol and Chilseongol Valleys. If you turn right towards Chilseongol and walk for a while, you’ll reach a place called Dujiteo with a large zelkova tree. The place was named ‘Dujiteo’, meaning ‘a site of a rice chest’, because the small basin at the place looks like a wooden rice chest.

Seonnyeotang is perhaps the most visited scenic spot in Chilseon Valley, and it’s where a story of seven Taoist fairies originated. Long ago, seven Taoist fairies descended from the Heavens to take a bath in the waterfall pond because they loved the scenery so much. While they were taking a bath, a playful Asiatic bear stole their clothes and put them on a branch between two rocks. But it wasn’t a branch of a tree, but the antlers of a musk deer. After a bath, the fairies searched all over the place for their clothes, and when the deer saw them in an awkward situation, he delivered the clothes to them. Thanks to the deer, the fairies could wear the clothes and ascend to the Heavens without any problem. To them, the clothes are like wings that enable them to fly. Before departing, the fairies let the deer live in this beautiful valley for helping them, and drove the bear to Gukgol, a gorge next to the place.

The section of Chilseon Valley between Chuseong-ri and Biseondam is accessible throughout the year. But if you want to climb higher up between May and June and September and October, you need to make a reservation in advance. But the accommodation facilities and trail are currently closed, after being badly damaged by Typhoon Muifa in 2011. The opening schedule hasn’t been decided yet. It takes about 4 hours on foot from Seonnyeotang to Biseondam Control Office.

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