Bangujeong Wetland
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  • Address: 21, Bongjeon-ri, Seokgok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-360-8224
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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This is the treasure of Gokseong that won the Minster of Environment Award at the 'Must be Preserved Natural Heritage' hosted by the National Trust of Korea.

Bangujeong Wetland located right under the Boseongganggyo Bridge in Daegok-ri, Moksadong-myeon is a natural oxbow lake. It earned the name because there is a pavilion called Bangujeong in the area. With a total area of 10,000㎡, the wetland is regarded as a place of high ecological value because it's home to a wide variety of plants and amphibians. In addition to these, there are various types of dragonflies.

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