Seongsamjae Pass
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  • Address: San 110-2, Jwasa-ri, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-783-9109
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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Seongsamjae is a pass located at the westernmost end of the Jirisan Mountain range with an altitude of 1,102 m. With a parking lot, convenience facilities, and connection to the hiking trails including the Cheoneunsa Temple-Seongsamjae Pass course, the Seongsamjae Pass-Nogodan Peak course, and the Manbokdae course, it is a popular place. It is said that the pass was named after the king of Mahan who was on the run from the armies of Jinhan during the Samhan Period and came here, delegating three generals to battle the enemy.

The section of trail from Seongsamjae to Cheoneunsa Temple includes a road that traverses Jirisan Mountain (Local Road No. 861) that opened back in 1988. It is about 10km long.
From Seongsamjae, on the east side, the main peaks of Jirisan Mountain including Nogodan, Imgeollyeong, Samdobong, Tokkibong, Myeongseonbong, Hyeongjebong, Chotdaebong, Yeonhabong, Jeseokbong and Cheonwangbong. Walking about 1.5 km from Siamjae Service Area will take you to the top of Seongsamjae and from here to Nogodan Peak will take about 40 minutes on foot.
At Seongsamjae, there is a large parking lot and rest facilities. There are many restaurants selling food and stores selling souvenirs and hiking equipment.

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