Banyabong Peak
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  • Address: Banyabong Peak, Sannae-myeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Tel: +82-63-625-8911
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Recognized as one of the three main peaks of Jirisan Mountain along with Cheonwangbong and Nogodan Peaks, Banyabong (1,732m) is the highest peak in the western region of Jirisan Mountain.
Here, the legendary story of Grandma Mago of Cheonwangbong Peak has been told for generations. Mago, a mountain goddess of Jirisan, one day met Banya, a man who was meditating on the teaching of Buddha and they got married. Years passed and the couple had eight daughters. But, wishing for more enlightenment, Banya left his wife and daughters and headed up to Banyabong Peak.

Mago waited for her husband and made clothes for him out of the bark of a tree. She also sent her daughters off to the provinces in the country and waited for her husband alone. When she became tired of waiting for him, she tore the clothes she had prepared for him and died. The torn pieces of clothes caught the air current and floated up to Banyabong Summit, settling and becoming Cat’s Tail orchids. Mago became a stone statue.

People have come to call the peak where Banya sought enlightenment Banyabong Peak and it is said that his daughters became the progenitors of shamans in all the provinces of Korea. They also say that the reason Banyabong is often shrouded by clouds and fog is that the heavens are making it possible for Banya and Mago to meet, even after their deaths. The ascending atmospheric current from the valley turns into clouds and the sea of clouds surrounding Banyabong Peak is as beautiful as an ink-and-wash painting.
The glow of the setting sun from Banyabong Peak is described as one of the ‘ten must-sees of Jirisan Mountain.’ The red sun coloring the western sky as it sets is believed to have the power to wash impurities from people’s hearts.

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