Sangnim Forest in Hamyang
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Located at the foot of Jirisan Mountain, Hamyang has been in the past one of the most remote places in Korea. And the Sangnim Forest is a man-made forest developed in the very area by utilizing all the natural elements of the village. In fact, it was the first place to be landscaped into a park at the end of the Unified Silla Period.

The forest is gorgeous throughout the year, with beautiful spring buds, cool shades of the summer trees, red-tinged leaves in the autumn, and snowscape in the winter. Many people find it particularly nice in the summer when they put down a mat and lay under the tree, away from the hectic city life. The tree path in the park also allows for a wonderful family and dating experience, since it’s a perfect place to walk and chat.

In addition to these, the park includes a 1.6km-long embankment flanked by 120 different types of deciduous trees. The embankment is between 20~80m wide, making it a great place for children to experience nature.

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