Piagol Valley
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  • Address: Piagol Valley, Toji-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-783-9100
  • Operation Hours: -
  • Admission Fees: Free
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Piagol located on the southwest side of Jirisan Mountain is a long valley that begins between Nogodan and Samdobong Peaks and joins the Seomjingang River. It is said that long ago, people who separated themselves from the world came here to live as hermits. They grew 'pi', a plant from the rice family that was often grown to relieve famine, and the village was called ‘Pibatgol,’ which means a valley of 'pi' fields. Later, the name became ‘Piagol’ with a much easier pronunciation.

Piagol is not only famous for the autumn foliage on Jirisan Mountain, but in all of Korea. Every October which is the peak season for foliage, a festival is held at Piagol and it fills with visitors trying to get a glimpse of colorful scenery.

Samhongso is known for its breathtaking scenery. Samhong, or the ‘three reds,’ is made up of the red forest colored by the turning leaves, the red water reflecting the forest, and people’s red faces colored by the water. Besides Samhongso, Gugyepo Falls, Jamnyongso, and Yeonjudam are also breathtaking.
Yeongoksa Temple located at the entrance of Piagol was built by a Buddhist monk named Yeongi during the Silla Dynasty. Inside the temple, there are cultural heritages including: East Stupa of Yeongoksa Temple (National Treasure No. 53), North Stupa of Yeongoksa Temple (National Treasure No. 54), West Stupa of Yeongoksa Temple (Treasure No. 154), and Memorial Stele for Hyeongak of Yeongoksa Temple (Treasure No. 152).

Piagol Shelter located at the center of Piagol is a place where people can take a rest on their hike. Overnight accommodation is available and they sell simple food items including ramen and chocolate. Cooking is possible around the shelter as well. There is also a spring with an abundant supply of water.

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