Baraebong Peak
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  • Address: Baraebong Peak, Unbong-eup, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Tel: +82-63-625-8911
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Baraebong Peak (1,165m) on the western side of Jirisan Mountain gained reputation in the 1990s as the best place in Korea to enjoy royal azaleas. Unlike other groves, the royal azaleas blossoming on the grasslands are a sight to behold.

The royal azaleas of Baraebong Peak have a close link to the Livestock Research Institute located at the lower part of Baraebong. Originally, the area surrounding Baraebong was dense with forest. However, in early part of 1970s, a demonstration sheep ranch was constructed and jointly run by Korea and Australia. The sheep with their great appetite ate just about every plant except for the royal azaleas because they are slightly toxic. This resulted in today’s condition.

The royal azaleas of Baraebong begin at the altitude of 1,123m and continue widely downward for about 4km, with the highest concentration at a point about 1.5km from Pallangchi. Climbers who want to enjoy the sight of royal azaleas usually climb up the Livestock Research Institute course and come down the same way.

The royal azaleas of Baraebong begin blossoming in late-April from the lower part of the mountain first and the blossoms on the top of the mountain ridge reach its pinnacle around May 20th. However, the period of full bloom can vary by a week or so, depending on weather conditions.

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