Saseongam Hermitage of Osan Mountain
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  • Address: San 4, Jukma-ri, Muncheok-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-781-5463
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  • Admission Fees: Free
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The beauty of Saseongam Hermitage lies in the fact that it looks as though the building is coming out of a rock. The elegant beauty of Yaksajeon Hall and Daeungjeon Hall is what makes the man-made structures blend in with the natural surroundings.

Saseongam was built in 544 (the 22nd year of the reign of King Seong during the Baekje Dynasty) by a Buddhist monk named Yeongi, one year after building Hwaeomsa Temple. Records show that it’s called Saseongam, meaning ‘Four Saints Hermitage’, because it’s where four very well-known Buddhist monks including Wonhyo, Uisang, Doseon, and Jinggak meditated.

Wongam, the 6th Master Monk of Songgwangsa Temple, wrote in his anthology that there is a rock at the top of Osan Mountain good for meditating, and it’s where two master monks named Doseon and Jingak meditated together. So according to historical records, the place was where high priests used to meditate between the Unified Silla and Goryeo Periods.

The building containing a statue of Buddha is at the tip of the cliff, on a stone terrace made by pieces of the cliff rock, and this is why the structure looks like a pagoda and natural part of the cliff. The entire cliff looks as though it’s supporting the building like a gigantic stylobate, a feature that adds to the artistic value of the natural-looking structure.

Saseongam became well-known to the public through a TV drama titled ‘Toji’, where characters named Seo-hui and Gil-sang held a Buddhist service. Since then, thousands of Buddhists and tourists came to this place.

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