Hwaeomsa Temple
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  • Address: 12, Hwangjeon-ri, Masan-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel: +82-61-783-7600
  • Operation Hours: 07:00-19:30
  • Admission Fees: Adult: KRW 3,500 / Student: KRW 1,800 / Child: KRW 1,300
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Built in 544 during the Baekje Period, Hwaeomsa Temple has a history of nearly 1,500 years. It’s the most well-known temple in Jirisan Mountain with its grand buildings and structures such as Gakhwangjeon Hall and stone lanterns, but the most characteristic features of the temple lie in its long history and tradition.

Many hikers come here every year to see the beautiful scenery of both Jirisan Mountain and Hwaeomsa Temple.

The oldest historical relic of the temple still remaining today was built during Silla Dynasty in the 8th century. It is generally agreed that it was built during the reign of King Gyeongdeok. So although the temple was founded during the Baekje Period, it continued to flourish even after the Silla Period.

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