Introduction to Village

In 1784(King Jeongjo 8), Yu Hanggeom(Augustinus) was executed for introducing western culture and missionaries and spreading preaching the Gospel. In this place, graves of Yu Hanggeom, his wife "Sinhui", biggest son "Yu Jongcheol(John)", his brother's wife "Lee Yukhui" and son "Yu Jongseong" are enshrined. Yu Jongcheol(John) and his wife were the only married virgin couple in the world. Their graves are buried at the top of the mountain. Also, there is a monumental church made of granite up there. The miracle rock(Jesus Maria Rock) on the virgin couple's grave is a natural wonder that only Gold can create. Walking up the mountain slope, you can see the road named " Golgotha Cross" which is an outstanding path of pray to the holy place. From the entrance to the mountain top, roads are adorned by beautiful flowers, making the best road for meditation and praying. At the entrance of the holy place where sanctity and secularity are distinguished, there are a large square named Montmartre, a parking lot(4000pyeong or 1,3200m2), the boundaries of grave and a church where one should pray while walking.

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